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Adjunta de matriz online dating

We have now studied the public legal documents of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) — the global arm of the Federal Reserve.

The BIS allegedly began in 1921, but did not fully incorporate until 1929-1930.

Keenan filed a comprehensive lawsuit to reclaim his stolen bonds — on behalf of the Kuomintang / Dragon Family — as of November 23, 2011. Diddy, in which a suitcase of 100,000-dollar Federal Reserve gold certificates was stolen by a CIA-type agency.The bonds were identical to the ones our brave whistleblowers revealed.We have now conducted a comprehensive examination of what is believed to be the deadliest, most classified and secretive information anyone could possess on Earth — the occult economy built off of this stolen gold.The BIS documents openly reveal that they took in “deposits” of gold and treasure from countries all over the world.Central banks were then allowed to trade with each other — using accounts backed by this gold.

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