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With his attitude, he makes sure no one dares mess with him. If Seismo gets restless, he might tap his feet and then there will be trouble.

He has huge feet that are used to cause earthquakes that break through the rock layers.

Their tribal color is always based in municipal red, white, black and blue.Physically, they combine rock and metal to form every variation of mechanical tool.Flurr is the most “awake” Frosticon who never seems to be sleepy. He is naturally curious and likes to explore the Frosticon lands always keeping an eye for trouble.Mixels The Powerpuff Girls International Sites | Trademarks Info | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions of Use | Cookies Policy Use of this site signifies your agreement to the Terms of Use. 1ª Temporada (2005-2006):1 - "E Então Eram 10"2 - "Washington A.

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Like the rest of her kind, Ester is able to stretch her limbs to incredible distances.