Can aquarius dating aquarius

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Can aquarius dating aquarius

If he's irritated by her need for a cozy landing place out and about, she'll check him off her list (unless she's a masochist).

Bottom line is, sympathy and sensitivity to her needs, are what the female Crab craves most. I know from being a Cancer woman that we can act strange and disconnected in the beginning.

Cancer woman is not that impressed by facts, figures and sweeping social themes.

She's also not keen to hear how many friends the Aqua man has on Facebook, or wait while he answers texts, or tweets about this or that.

Aquarius is a sign known for its disappearing act, which the Cancer woman could find emotionally wrenching.

It's through the imagination, that they can go together to far-out places, and keep the relationship fresh and growing.

The type of Aquarius man who rarely opens his heart to anyone, much less sleeps around.

If he's open to it, the Aquarius man can find that the Crab helps him open his heart.

And in his closeness with the Cancer woman, he enters an intimacy with infinite dimensions.

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There's a basic difference here, in relating, that will take a lot of patience and understanding to overcome.