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Ecuadorinmediato online dating

But other experts say the US could face an uphill battle in pursuing legal charges.

Kenneth Wainstein, former assistant attorney general for national security, told CBS News that US espionage laws, including the 1917 Espionage Act, were outdated.

Early this month a Stockholm court released an international warrant for his arrest, the Telegraph reported. Sources close to Mr Assange admitted yesterday that he had been deliberately kept out of the limelight because of fears that the rape allegations would become a diversion from the story of the leaks.

US officials believe Wiki Leaks obtained more than 250,000 US diplomatic cables and other sensitive information from US Army intelligence analyst Pfc.

Bradley Manning, who is thought to have downloaded them from secure US communications systems while serving in Iraq.

Such charges, if pursued, could sharply up the legal pressure on Wiki Leaks and 39-year-old Mr.

Assange, who already faces allegations of rape in Sweden.

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"We are going to invite him to come to Ecuador so he can freely present the information he possesses and all the documentation, not just over the internet but in a variety of public forums," Lucas added.