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Although the cast were never purposely nasty towards the young chap, we can't help but think the group didn't do their best to make him feel welcome thus leading to his absence in the upcoming episodes.

Speaking exclusively to the Sun Online, he said: “I fancy Marnie! “We're spending tomorrow together for the single AF Facebook Live and in it we find out who we're getting paired with when we fly out. “She's up for the craic, I hate girls that are too heavy - I just want someone I can have a laugh with! “We've been talking a bit - when we found out we've been doing the show we started texting and now we're texting a bit.The Shore has also lost recent newcomer Dan Thomas who joined the cast in series four.Dan was often referred to as the younger brother in the house and as such was constantly tormented and made fun of by the other members.At the time, Gaz said: ‘We've been stuck in the house for so many years and spent so much time with each other, we just needed to spend some time with each other with no cameras and no pressure, no one around us, so it kind of feels like last night was a first date but it wasn't.’'When I lost all of the weight, I would put workout photos on Instagram and videos doing different workouts and every comment was like "well you’re not really working out" or "your bum looks so flat" which wasn’t nice,' she explained.MARNIE Simpson is moving on from the heartbreak of cheating Lewis Bloor, as her Single AF co-star Casey Johnson claims: “I know she fancies me.” Casey, 22, appeared on The X Factor in 2014 as part of eight-piece boyband Stereo Kicks, had a short-lived stint in Union J, and was recently dumped by girlfriend of two years Betsy-Blue English.

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