Lesbian bi-sexual dating

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Lesbian bi-sexual dating

As a queer lady myself, I’ve had lots of conversations about virginity and sex and what counts as “losing it.” I also have a couple of degrees in LGBT studies and gender studies, which means I’ve got a whole lot of experience talking about situations impacting queer people. But I’m curious, if I had sex with another girl, for example: oral sex, would that count as losing my virginity? And it’s all on your own terms, which is pretty cool.

But what if one day I have sex with a girlfriend, and she says that she was happy she lost her virginity to me, but I still feel like a virgin afterwards? ” I think the answer to this question is really complicated, but that’s exactly what makes it super interesting! It’s important to know that losing your virginity doesn’t have to involve breaking your hymen.

Open communication like this means you’ll both know each others sexual philosophy, which is some much needed knowledge for sexual partners — queer or not!

Maybe your partner will want to stay away from anything physical until marriage.

To begin with, you are not thrown into the situation of having to contact people on the basis that you want to date them. Of course, you may well want your penpals for dating once you meet and get to know them, but having that extra layer of “let’s just be friends to begin with then see if we want to take it any further” is much more comfortable.But be sure to respect their views, just as you’d want them to respect yours.I think we all should see this complicated question as a way to challenge our individual thoughts about virginity and what it means to lose it. Even for straight folks, virginity can mean lots of different things to lots of different people. or if you even find it necessary to quantify the whole thing!It seems like such a simple question – you’d think that everyone out there would have a yes or no answer.But for queer girls, it sometimes isn’t so easy to figure out this whole virginity business.

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