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She reasons that if Anastasia could find such a deep romantic intensity with Christian, then she can find the perfect man too. Plus, her ability to self-soothe with romantic fantasies about Anastasia and Christian (or about herself and whomever it is that she met and fell for that day) is what gets her through her life.

It’s her go-to coping mechanism whenever she’s feeling blue.

Dating sites are set up for flirting, which is fun.

People can poke you and wink at you and you can do it back.

Mary rushes away from her desk at work, eager to get home so she can check her e Harmony and profiles.

…this neurochemical reaction matches the neurochemical surge wrought by addictive sexual fantasy/activity and drugs of abuse.As time passes, they continually try to extend and/or repeat this early, intensely pleasurable phase of their relationships.What they fail to understand is that limerence (and the neurochemical rush that drives it) are temporary sensations.It’s important to state that love addicts are not hooked on love.Instead, they’re addicted to limerence (the neurochemical rush of new romance).

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It’s fun to see how many people like your profile picture and to flirt with abandon.

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