My heart malecam

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My heart malecam

This to me seems to be a very strong selling point in the making of rv’s and I’m surprised more of the industry hasn’t upgraded to Waste Master.

This is a system that is not limited to just Class A motorhomes, in my humble opinion.

We combined our 20 years of waste management experience with our customer's feedback, and the 'Stay-Put' hose became a reality.

You wanted a really strong hose with an excellent compression ratio so this hose boasts a 4-1 ratio.

Waste Master Adapter Kit provides the best and safest method for handling RV waste between your RV and the RV ground sewer inlet.

The waste water transfer process should be easy, clean, and simple, with the absolute minimum chance of offensive leakage.

Connect a hose to the coach connection on the side of the RV.In short, a small investment at the "back end" of your RV leads to a wise and happy RV'er.You are also doing your part to insure the environment is safe from leakage. Switching your RV from bayonet style fittings to the Waste Master Cam Loc Adapter Kit is easy!I believe that my next purchase of a class A motorhome or other type of RV will be influenced by whether this system is installed. We just returned from 3 weeks in the 5th wheel and I wanted to mention what a pleasure your system is to use, not that I consider the process anything but fun.So much better than the Bayonet Systems regardless of their price.

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That is however, a limited option within the industry.

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