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The examiner may then turn up the room lights a bit and have you focus on a hand-held object while moving that object closer to your nose.

This is a test of the accommodative response of your pupils.

Using the analogy of a camera, the pupil is the aperture of the eye and the iris is the diaphragm that controls the size of the aperture.

The size of the pupil is controlled by muscles within the iris — one muscle constricts the pupil opening (makes it smaller), and another iris muscle dilates the pupil (makes it larger).

Some people have large pupils, and some people have small pupils.

Also, pupil size changes with age — children and young adults tend to have large pupils, and seniors usually have small pupils.

There's another common situation when the pupil of the eye changes color — when someone takes your photo using the camera's flash function.

Depending on your direction of gaze when the photo is taken, your pupils might appear bright red.

The size of the pupil varies from person to person.

If the pupil has a cloudy or pale color, typically this is because the lens of the eye (which is located directly behind the pupil) has become opaque due to the formation of a cataract.

When the cloudy lens is replaced by a clear intraocular lens (IOL) during cataract surgery, the normal black appearance of the pupil is restored.

Typically, the pupils appear perfectly round, equal in size and black in color.

The black color is because light that passes through the pupil is absorbed by the retina and is not reflected back (in normal lighting).

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This is called Marcus Gunn pupil testing, which is sometimes called the "swinging flashlight test." Pupils normally react both directly and indirectly to light stimulation.

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