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Rozhdestvenskaya istorija online dating

Mister Owl went to Little Bear as he was asked by Santa and presented his question, “What would you like for Christmas, Little Bear? Little Bear looked up in surprise as he was finishing the painting of his great grandpa bear, just two days before Christmas and he paused a few seconds thinking at the last brush stroke and said, “I guess that I do not need anything!For I have all that any little bear could ever want!Little Bear had always been told to write a letter to Santa and make sure that Santa knew what Little Bear needed for Christmas.This year though, Little Bear was just too busy to write a letter, as he had so much to do.That way he would have it safe until spring came and the rivers and lakes thawed from the winter ice.

Santa peeking around a tree trunk found Little Bear painting pictures, making lures and drying flowers.There came a rattle, bang, crunch and boom in the front yard of the Bear home in the woods.They all ran to the windows and looked out to see what had happened.The organiser reserves the right to change the prices in the TICKETPRO network any time, without giving any reason.As regards reservations, the price valid at the time of making the payment applies.

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