Sussex county nj genweb

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Sussex county nj genweb

English, Welsh, and Irish Purcells are of Norman decent. Latin porcellus, a diminutive of porcus pig Names were simply spelled as they sounded by medieval scribes and church officials.

All Irish Purcells seem to descend from Walter Purcell, who came to Ireland in the early thirteenth century. We are Jay Funk and Barbra Ballard Funk and these pages are a labor of love for our children and the reset of the family.These pages are simply an attempt to research and document where our families have come from, plus any other interesting tid-bits.The picturesque ruined castle of Loughmoe, the seat of the head of the family, is a well known landmark near Thurles, about halfway between Dublin and Cork.Nicholas Purcell, 13th Baron of Loughmoe (1651 4 March 1722) was the first son of Colonel James Purcell of Loughmoe and Elizabeth Butler, sister the influential James Butler, 1st Duke of Ormonde.

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Some of these variations included: Purcell, Purcel, Pursell, Purcill, Purcells, Percell, Porcell, Percill, Persell, Percel, Pirsell, Porcill, Porsell, Purcelle, Purcele, Persells, Pursells, Purcels, Porcells, Purchell, Purscel, Purtill and many more.

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