The namesake 2006 online dating

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The namesake 2006 online dating

Recommended For: I think this fragrance would appeal to strong perfume lovers, especially fans of scents dominated by smoky notes as well as masculine spices. Maybe the oudy smell is supposed to be the mushroom. Definitely not for all women, probably suits more the very confident type. ( no offence intended for the people who love this) ...As stated, I sense this might be a unisex fragrance, so some men who are curious to try it might find something to like here, too. I just hope everyone around me likes it as much as I do! It has appeal and it is sexy, but in an aggressive way. I think Tom Ford really hit it on the nail with this one. I'm sure for some this must be the holy grail of perfumes... My search continues *sigh* .....anyway, to those who are wondering.. though I'm sure I'm going to get ripped apart for leaving a dislike review on the Beloved and revered Black Orchid .Who knew truffle could be so enticing in a perfume? On top of that it's not long lasting and has weak spillage.. Of course it does matter your chemistry that day , but if keeping with the cool wintery months I see no issue , would not wear this in the heat of summer ~ One thing that had me in stitches is my kitty Pasha rubs herself on or tries to lick my wrist after a spritz of this .It's so unusual and so uniquely sexy and well-balanced with the sweetness of the floral and chocolate notes. She goes back a few times until I have to pull her away , or stand up if sitting down .I wanted the blackest orchid, and those aren't easy to find." The perfume is luxurious and the product range includes Eau de Parfum in 50ml (at US) and 100ml (at US5) bottles, and limited edition of 5.000 15ml bottles of Parfum at US0. Buy Tom Ford Black Orchid at Price: .00 - .00 Design: 2/5 stars - While I think the ribbed glass on the bottle is a nice touch, nothing about this is particularly eye-catching to me.In terms of functionality, it's a bit bulky and hard to hold while spraying.

Silage: 5/5 stars - On me, this fragrance projected immensely and never faded away. Review: I really wanted to love this perfume because I enjoy warm, spicy scents.Black Orchid also requires your skin to be hot, so it could flourish and develop in its beautiful complexity. I have a ton of perfumes it seems like but I keep going back to this one. The first notes I get are a bit confusing Sandalwood and a flash of Orchid , then it shifts to a fruity and woodsy with an insane blend of tobacco and chocolate that sends me The dry down comes back for some more teasing , and I totally get the Patchouli and Orchid .There is a savory note in Black Orchid that is extremely addictive. After 3~4 hours it is less noticeable , but you do keep that amazing afterglow of what makes this " Like no Other " I can see both sexes wearing this with no issue of it being to feminine or masculine .not a simple and lively scent it’s very complicated and difficult to wear... I feel like deep inside many women want to have that vampy quality, but in reality very few of us do. ranging all the way from the heavy hitters to tooth-achingly sweet gourmands. I am absolutely intoxicated by this scentual hybrid .Masculinity and strong character of BO makes me feel like it would sit much better on a man. I have a leaky decant of this that's currently perfuming my's in my makeup bag but it's such strong stuff it really fills the room! I had to buy a full bottle and now I wear it several times a week, which is a lot for me! I'm honestly in lust , love will come after the climax .

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" A scent that I was excited for after all of the hype. Now, trying this perfume again, I find it glorious!

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