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” by the real-life Helen Beardsley, deals with a lot of touchy subjects in a fairly discreet way.

) and learning to love and live together as a happy family.His intent is that they’ll both decide that something lasting is better than cheap “romance”; and he’s right.Most of the film has only a light touch of comedy; Ball’s strongest “trademark” comedy bit comes when three of Frank’s sons mix Helen an overspiked drink (for which they’re forced to apologize later).After the marriage, there’s a sequence where Frank effectively reinforces to Helen’s teen daughter (who has a pushy boyfriend) that real love isn’t measured by going to bed with someone, but rather by getting up the next morning and facing life together. Una entretenida comedia basada en el caso verídico de un matrimonio norteamericano de los años 60.

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While Frank is single, fellow officer Darrel (Van Johnson) offers to set him up with no-commitment dates, but he’s not interested.

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