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Updating iis to 6

Web applications that do not include custom modules or handlers will usually work without changes in Integrated mode in IIS 7.0.

Web applications that rely on custom modules or handlers require the following steps to enable the application to run in Integrated mode: interface are referred to as managed-code modules because they are built by using the . Managed-code modules can be registered at the server level or at the application level.

The integrated pipeline provides improved performance, provides modularity for configuration and administration, and adds flexibility for extending IIS with managed-code modules.For example, you can define a managed-code module in the App_Code folder of the Web application and register it to apply to all IIS requests, which includes requests for static files.Using IIS 7.0 Integrated mode might require minor changes to an application’s Web.config file. NET Framework version 1.1 is supported in Classic mode only.However, if you run the application in Integrated mode, you must remove the .When you move a Web application from IIS 6.0 to Classic mode, it is not guaranteed to work in Integrated mode without changes.

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It is also configured to run under the default application pool, which is called application or create a new application pool that is configured to run in Classic mode.

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