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The Attachmate Group acquired Novell and split Novell and SUSE into two autonomous subsidiary companies.After The Attachmate Group merged with Micro Focus in November 2014, SUSE became its own business unit.

Users that prefer more up-to-date free software can use its rolling release distribution Tumbleweed. Moreover, the flexibility of open SUSE makes it easy to re-purpose for specific goals like running a web- or mail server.SUSE Linux' strategy was to create a technically superior Linux distribution with the large number of employed engineers, that would make users willing to pay for their distribution in retail stores.Since the acquisition by Novell in 2003 and with the advent of open SUSE, this has been reversed: starting with version 9.2, an unsupported one-DVD ISO image of SUSE Professional was made available for download, as well as a bootable Live DVD evaluation. The focus of its development is creating usable open-source tools for software developers and system administrators, while providing a user-friendly desktop and feature-rich server environment.This is based on the rolling development code base called 'Factory'.

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The initial stable release from the open SUSE Project, SUSE Linux 10.0, was available for download just before the retail release of SUSE Linux 10.0.